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"I'm still blown away by how accurate you were. Thank you so very much."  Fiona R

"Fantastic, I loved every minute and it was exactly what I needed right now!"  
Tanya S 

Professional member of International Psychics Association


"Very insightful. Great guidance. Thanks." Tabitha

"Fantastic reading. Got lots of great clues and confirmation of spirit coming through. Highly recommend having a reading with Robyn."  Neil 

"Very accurate and a lovely person."  Louise W

Hi, I'm Robyn Opie Parnell, a clairvoyant medium from Warnertown, South Australia. 

I was born to religious parents and my childhood was filled with church services, Sunday school and religious celebrations. Medium and psychic are two words which were never spoken in my home. When I was a child, I went to bed at night with the knowledge that I had invisible friends in my bedroom. I couldn't talk to anyone about my invisible friends, so my childish mind decided that these invisible friends were living in my large dolls house. 

My main interest throughout my life has been writing. I had my first children's books published in 1999. Around this time, I wrote a story called Eye of the Future about a girl, Karen, who develops psychic abilities, dreams about something bad happening to her parents and tries to change the future. Psychic abilities fascinated me, which is why I explored the subject in Eye of the Future.

In the early 2000's, I spent a lot of time reading about all things spiritual and metaphysical. Around  2004, I decided to test my psychic abilities and I was shocked by my accuracy. I told a friend but I kept my abilities secret from everyone else, especially my family. 

My spiritual journey began in earnest in July 2009, when, late one night, my dad collapsed after having a stroke. The next day, my husband and I visited my dad in hospital. My dad didn't regain consciousness and, therefore, he wasn't able to interact with us. When I arrived home that night, I heard my dad's voice in my head. He said, "Look after your mother." 

My dadMy dad

My dad was unconscious in hospital, yet I heard him as clear as anything, as if he was sitting in the car with us.

Three days later, without regaining consciousness, my dad passed away. Naturally, I was devastated. To help me cope with the loss of my dad, I read every book I could find on the afterlife and spirit.

In September 2010, I started to meditate every day and use a pendulum to talk to my spirit guides.

In November 2010, during afternoon tea at a friend’s house, I had my first encounter with a stranger from the spirit world. Somehow I recognised the spirit as the deceased husband of my friend, even though I'd never met him. I passed on the messages I received from the husband. Later, at home, my grandmother spoke to me, saying, "See, you can do it!" My grandmother had passed away ten years earlier.  

Since November 2010, I've had so many experiences with spirit I can't possibly mention them all here. I've received regular encouragement, support and guidance from my dad and grandmother in spirit. I've attended numerous workshops on mediumship, including a full week intensive with international medium Tony Stockwell.

I meditate and communicate with spirit every day. I love doing numerology and palmistry. I also love working with tarot cards and the pendulum.

Now, I live and work with spirit as a normal part of my life. In fact, I can’t imagine living without spirit. My spirit guides offer me daily inspiration and provide guidance for all major decisions in my life.

During a reading, I will communicate with your loved ones who've passed away. I will tell you what I see, hear and feel. You will know that your loved ones live on and that they are still with you. I will pass on their messages of love, hope and guidance. I can tune in to your spirit guides to offer you insights into your life now and the future.

I'm a professional member of International Psychics Association, who recommend me as a reputable psychic.

I do face-to-face, phone, email and Skype readings. For more information about a reading with me, please click here.