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"I'm still blown away by how accurate you were. Thank you so very much."  Fiona R

"Fantastic, I loved every minute and it was exactly what I needed right now!"  
Tanya S 

Professional member of International Psychics Association


"Very insightful. Great guidance. Thanks." Tabitha

"Fantastic reading. Got lots of great clues and confirmation of spirit coming through. Highly recommend having a reading with Robyn."  Neil 

"Very accurate and a lovely person."  Louise W


I love to connect people with their loved ones in spirit and to pass on guidance from loved ones or spirit guides. I'm grateful for the following words of thanks:


Got way more info than I had hoped for. Thanks.  Aaron H

What an awesome reading, I just went there to see what would come up, with no expectations. Robyn totally amazed me when she started going into businesses I own and my hopes & dreams for future projects, things I hadn't even discussed with anyone. Great spirit advice too.  Keith B

I had a phone reading and I can't thank Robyn enough. Oh my she was spot on. I recommend contacting her. Thanks Robyn  Rhonda C

Having had you read for me from continents away and given the fact that we've never met in person, yet your words have been SPOT ON is solid evidence for me that your heart is pure & your vision is real!  Michanne BR

When I had my first ever reading in my life, it was with you. I told you nothing about me or my life except I wanted answers from my father who had passed away. From that, you basically told me my life. You mentioned things to me that I had not told you, that were true. I was so blown away that I think I was in a small amount of shock.  Hayley C

I had a reading with you back in February. At the time I wasn't sure how the reading sat with me. Over the past 6 months my life has been turned upside down. And I am now doing something totally different that I never thought I would. I listened to the first half of your reading the other day and 6 months down the track I have to say you were pretty spot on.  Kathleen D  

Very good, lots to think about and look out for.  Sandra R

Thanks, Robyn. She was so accurate. Worth visiting. 100%.  Jenny K

It was wonderful to connect with past loved ones. Thank you so much . I look forward to my next reading.  Mikaela P

Brilliant - feel very content.  Jackie

You are amazing. Thank you for all your guidance, everything is 100% correct and you have put my heart at ease that I'm on the right direction.  Monique G  

What the ! Talk about open me up and tell me what I need to know. Brilliant as ever and always.  Heather S

Just want to say, everything you said in my last reading came true.  Daniella S

Thank you for touching my mum.  Gerry C

Thank you so much! You were 100% and I felt extremely connected, especially with a certain someone who just wouldn't stop talking. It was an amazing experience and can't wait for next time. Absolutely amazing gift you have!   Diana B

Just what I needed.  Tanya S

Thank you so much. I really feel I needed to hear this.  Courtnee M

I've seen you several times and you have been spot on each time. Thank you.  Tina N

My reading was spot on in every way.  Effie E

I enjoyed your reading and will definitely be coming back and recommending you.   Sara S

Thank you. I feel a greater sense of peace after our reading, knowing my father is with me.  Priscilla B

My first reading and I loved it, everything spot on.  Jasmin

I had a girls night and everyone had a blast. The most important people to us came through. You did a great job. It must be hard trying to sort them all out but you were great. Looking forward to another night soon. Thankyou. I would highly recommend you to anyone and already have.  Kerry S

Thank you, Robyn, for a fantastic reading. You were right in everything and I will be telling others about you.  Jill M

Had a great reading. Things made sense to me.  Allison G

Just had a fantastic reading from Robyn. She is so good, my reading brought me joy and peace and showed me which direction to take in life. I would highly recommend Robyn to everyone. You won't be disappointed.  Trish U 

Robyn is amazing, I recently lost my mum and even though I know and have heard her calling my name I just wanted confirmation that she is okay and that's what I got. Robyn was so spot on and it was a bit emotional, I will return, thank you Robyn x  
Julie B

I would like to say a huge thank you to Robyn! She has done 2 readings for me and they were amazing! She was spot on with my current situation and well my future is going to be so exciting! She went above and beyond to help me find answers even after my reading was done! A beautiful, caring and kind soul and I would highly recommend her to anyone you seriously would not be sorry! Thank you so much again Robyn and I'll certainly be coming to you in the future.  Kylie H

Robyn is a lovely, genuine person. She connected me with those I wanted to and gave me the guidance I needed at the time.  Thank you.  Louise V

Thank you very much. You were fantastic. The most accurate reading I have ever had.  Christina S 

I began wondering whether the spirit world really existed. You have given me greater faith and contentment that my parents are actually by our sides.  Narelle M

Amazing to get validation on future decisions and to connect with my grandfather. Thank you so so much!   Victoria D

Such a beautiful lady, made a lot of sense of the situation.  Dianne M

Fantastic, I loved every minute and it was exactly what I needed right now!   Tanya S

Very good reading. Confirmed all my thoughts. Made me feel at ease with what is happening in my life.  Irene W

Amazingly accurate, very gifted. Will return.  Renae N

Really felt comfortable and in tune with the other side.  Mary C

A lady who speaks honestly & from the heart. Thank you.  Janet P  

Hi Robyn I would just like to thank u and ur husband Rob for coming to my home last night and do reading for us all....we all had a great night and definitely had lots of great connections....Thank you so much can't wait to do it again.  Lorrilee C

Very awesome, loved every minute.  Michelle K 

Very insightful and calm-full reading, confirming I am on the right path.  Linda T

Feel so much better after a reading from Robyn Opie Parnell. Really great to know my family is watching over me. Thank you so much.  Holly J 

Thank you, Robyn, for the most amazing reading. I have been in the depths of despair and after talking with you, and connecting with my Dad, my Nana, and my husband, I feel so much better, and you described them and their feelings so well. I feel much more confident in the future, and feel I am on the right path now. A wonderful lady who I would highly recommend. Again thank you.  Kris

To anyone who is looking for insight into their life then I highly recommend you contact Robyn. Through my deepest and darkest hours and days Robyn has been an absolute blessing with her kindness and support. Robyn has very intuitive messages from her readings and the accuracy is spot on. I'm blessed to have Robyn watching over me and so will you be.  Tracey M

I was in need of some major guidance and Robyn lifted my spirits with words she could only have got from spirit. Thank you. Excellent.  Jonathan H

You're amazing - made me smile, laugh and cry happy tears! Will definitely be back! Thank you so much.  Rebecca B

It was an amazing reading. So many of my family coming through. I can validate everything that came through, especially from my wonderful father. I had so many reassurances from that reading and so many laughs. My mother-in-law was so funny. Thank you. I am recommending you to my family & friends.  Raylee H

Hit so many nails on the head. Very accurate.  Ronnie P

Fantastic reading. Got lots of great clues and confirmation of spirit coming through. Highly recommend having a reading with Robyn.  Neil

Robyn is a genuine medium whose special gift has provided me with comfort in knowing that my beloved brother is still around in spirit. I was blown away by her reading. Her caring nature shines through and it is evident that she enjoys helping those bereaved to find peace and solace in knowing their loved ones are OK. Thanks Robyn.  Jo-Anne G

Wonderful reading. All good connections. Very caring person is Robyn; she goes very deep into herself to connect well with spirit.  Wendy M

Wow! Spot on and delivered with clarity and honesty. What more do you want? 
Bianca H

I'm still blown away by how accurate you were. Thank you so very much.  Fiona R

Thank you so much for helping me understand and hear what lies ahead for me. I'm extremely happy with my reading.  Rebecca M

The reading was very helpful.  Nicole W

Excellent and very accurate. Robyn was very empathetic to myself.  Emma H

Very kind and very true reading.  Nicola F

Excellent. Spot on.  Sheree K

Was fantastic to hear from people that you love.  Leah G  

Thank you for a very positive reading.  Lynne B

Always nice to catch up - once again fantastic reading.  Lis & Brenton 

Brilliant, soulful, thoughtful! Thank you. :)  Stacey H

Connectedness brings peace. Thank you, Robyn.  Carol P

Lovely and informative - just what I needed!  Meredith Y   

Very accurate and gave such a feeling of peace! Thank you!  Sue S 

Very spot on with a lot of confirmation. Was really happy to know my grandmother was watching over me.  Tamika

Feel better, time for patience and relaxation.  Christina P

Divinely guided and fabulous.  Pauline N

Helped me find peace.  Sharon C

Amazing! Will come back.  Rhiannon C

Always wishing for the short cut - the truth came through loud and clear. Thank you.  Heather

Lovely reading, confirmed my questions, very friendly and lovely lady. Would recommend.  Stephanie P

Very insightful. Great guidance. Thanks.  Tabitha

Thank you very much. Very touching reading, resonated on so many levels. Thank you. x Belinda B

Was very happy that Robyn connected with my late Dad - very intense.  Nadia M

Thanku robyn. Great reading and I could relate and validate. Thanks so much. 
Sandra G

Very accurate and a lovely person.  Louise W

Very happy, left hopeful and inspired.  Marie H

Really refreshing, amazing and personally challenging.  Anthea Y

Gentle & lovely reading, some very pertinent comments.  Liz W

Thank you. You're awesome, Robyn. Bless you.  Karine J 

Gentle manner and accurate reading.  Xiu 

Great reading and connecting with loved ones.  Trudy S

Fantastic. Very clear and concise.  Sharleen P

Excellent. Thank you.  Heidi

Thank you for a fantastic reading, really enjoyable and encouraging.  Debi M

Thank you. It helped me greatly.  Steve B

Very emotional experience.  Sally H

Very impressed.  Amanda M 

Thoroughly enjoyed our reading.  Robyn S

Great connection.  Chrystal D

Thanks Robyn. I loved your approach. You are very genuine which was the feeling I got before I came to have a reading with you. So many confirmations came through from my family. Also very happy with the guidance you gave with my current situation which was very accurate. Many thanks.  Carolyn B

Thank you for the wonderful insights.  Tanya C 

Thank you for an inspirational reading.  Alison B

Loved the reading. Now feel at peace.  Kerry C

Good to have reassurance.  Sharron

Amazingly accurate.  Karina W

Amazing experience, very enlightening.  Kelly C 

I feel so much better. Thank you.  Briony M

A very insightful reading, full of excitement ahead.  Clare W 

Fantastic!  Alyson C

Very motivational.  Tarah E

Loved it!  Kelly P

Excellent reading.  Catherine D

Amazing.  Jess A

Thank you so much! :)  Alex H

Thank you. Great help.  Jennifer D

Fantastic. Very caring and loving.  Linda B

Lovely reading.  Mechele Z

Beautiful. Thank you.  Yasmyne T

Interesting. Good to connect.  Emma S

Great experience.  Lisa S

Enjoyed reading very much. Thank you.  Shannan R

Very informative. Enlightening. Sweet lady.  Sharyn B

Thank you. I found your reading insightful and relevant to me. I feel enlightened and empowered.  Heidi C

Fabulous. Thank you.  Susanne M

Thank you for a beautiful reading.  Tammy G 

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.  Donna D

You are one amazing lady - thank you.  Libbie F 

Thank you for my reading. I look forward to validating it. I'll keep you posted.  Angela H

Fantastic reading. Very insightful. Lots to think about.  Kris S

Excellent. Thank you.  Diana K 

Loved it!   Claire D

Thank you for the lovely and moving reading.  Sue M

Fantastic.  Teresa C

Thank you. Awesome, comfortable feeling.  Jo A

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